3 Ways to Celebrate the New Year – Sober!

photo of two people celebrating new year watching fireworks

Getting sober (and staying sober) takes a lot of grit, determination and courage. Finding a lifetime of sobriety also requires a fair bit of planning to avoid falling back into the destructive patterns of behavior that you worked hard to leave behind.

To reduce your risk of relapse, it’s especially important to plan ahead during the holiday season. With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, take a few minutes today to make some sober plans for the big night.

If this is your first time to ring in the new year without drugs and alcohol, here are a few ways to celebrate and have fun without getting a hangover the next day!

(1) Plan your own camping or fishing trip with some buddies.

Staying sober around people who are using and abusing drugs and alcohol is difficult for most – especially those on a new journey towards sobriety. One way to protect your sobriety is to simply remove yourself from a dangerous situation. If you do want to avoid the bar scene, create your own sober environment instead. If you’re into the great outdoors, invite a few friends for a quick weekend trip.

(2) Focus on your health.

Drinking to excess wreaks havoc on your body – altering your brain chemistry while making you exhausted and irritable the next day. Why not do the opposite and use this day to improve your mental and physical health. Meditate, cook healthy meals, go for a long run and get to bed early. When you wake up the next day energized (instead of reaching for the Advil) you’ll be glad you did.

(3) Attend a support group meeting.

If you’re anxious about celebrating New Year’s Eve sober for the first time, know that you are not alone. Talk to your addiction recovery team for recommendations about the best group therapy options in your area. You’ll likely feel more confident after talking to others in recovery and enjoy having peer-to-peer support.

Relapse Prevention at 10 Acre Ranch

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