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Recovery Activities

Learn How to Have Fun in Recovery.

At 10 Acre Ranch, we take a holistic approach to addiction recovery

Successful rehabilitation requires attention to physical, emotional, and psychological needs. If any of these is neglected, there is a greater chance of relapse. Over time, we have developed a proven set of recovery activities that encourage sobriety success.

Recovery activities are just as essential as counseling, healthy food, and adequate sleep, and 10 Acre Ranch clients experience a number of benefits when they participate in our activity program.

Benefits from the Activity Program

Alcohol detox happens at a different pace for everyone. In most cases, you can expect symptoms to start to go away after about a week. In the worst case, you may experience symptoms for a month or more.

Increased Creativity

Creative outlets allow addicts to process emotions, reflect on experiences, and develop new skills.

Connection With Nature

Eco-therapy is an important part of rehabilitation. Walks, hikes, and outdoor experiences decrease depression, improve well-being, and develop appreciation for the natural environment.

Natural Rush

Foregoing drugs and alcohol for exercise is a great way to get a “natural high” as the body releases endorphins and adrenaline.

Shared Experiences

Our social treatment model provides group therapy opportunities for growth and education. In addition, these group gatherings offer a chance to connect with people who have a similar experience and worldview.


An attitude of gratefulness makes recovery easier and relapse less likely. Studies show that people who express gratitude are more content and less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

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Recovery Activities at 10 Acre Ranch in Riverside, California

Recovery activities remind addicts that there is life beyond addiction, giving them something to be thankful for. One common characteristic of men who are struggling with an addiction is the tendency toward isolation. 10 Acre Ranch recovery activities are designed to draw residents out of isolation and into a supportive group environment.

10 Acre Ranch recovery activities are also designed to appeal to a range of male personality types, and they teach participants to become empowered, self-sufficient, and self-aware.

 Recovery activities include:

Spiritual nature walks

Relaxation techniques

Self-esteem strategies

12-step meetings

12-step Big Book study

Personal inventories

Gratitude lists

AA/NA/CA conventions

Disease education

Recovery workshops

Find Your Path to Lasting, Lifelong Recovery

To learn more about our men’s drug rehab or request recreation and activity information, contact the 10 Acre Ranch team by phone or email today. 10 Acre Ranch accepts most insurance and offers affordable rates that are manageable for most budgets.