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Disease Education

Teaching Clients About the Disease of Addiction.

Addiction is both biological and behavioral. While it may begin with a choice, chemical dependency alters the state of the brain over time. Successful drug and alcohol recovery starts with an understanding of how substance abuse develops and how it is successfully treated. Using films, readings, and recovery-related presentations, our credentialed treatment specialists educate recovering individuals and their families about the complexities of addiction. Awareness is the first step to relapse prevention, so we emphasize disease education throughout the recovery process.

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Key Parts of the Substance Abuse Education Groups at 10 Acre Ranch

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Expert Addiction Education & Treatment in Southern California

10 Acre Ranch’s drug and alcohol treatment center educates men 18 and over by providing addiction discussion groups, lectures, workshops, literature, and other resources. The more clients know about the science behind addiction, the more equipped they are to confront their behaviors and retrain their brains. Addiction is a disease that requires a variety of interventional and behavioral modifications. To learn more about our affordable addiction recovery programs and beautiful California facility, get in touch with the 10 Acre Ranch team today.