During your stay in rehab, you probably participated in discharge planning, recovery activities, and support groups. These activities were designed to help you cope successfully with the social interactions you were likely to encounter in recovery. Now, even though you are armed with these skills, you may still feel anxious about inviting new friends into your new, sober life.

Should I only seek out companions who are also living a sober life after addiction?

It’s true that in early recovery you need the support of others who understand the struggle you’ve had with alcohol. These sober friends will encourage you when you need confidence and advise you when you encounter pitfalls. In their company, you’ll find fellowship and activities that do not involve drinking. As you grow more confident in recovery, however, you will probably branch out into new experiences, and of course, meet new friends who share those interests.

Should I tell these new friends about my addiction?

Just as you wouldn’t discuss details about a divorce or illness with a casual acquaintance, there is no reason to bring up your addiction when you meet new people. Take time to form a meaningful relationship first, and then you can confide such intimate information if you want to. Be prepared for the inevitability of being at a BBQ or ball game where alcohol is being served. Arrive with a pack of your favorite nonalcoholic beverage, and if offered a drink, simply say “No, thanks.” There are many people who do not drink, and no elaborate explanation is necessary.

A Social Model for Treatment

If you are concerned about no longer “fitting in” after rehab, the social model residential treatment at 10 Acre Ranch may be the right rehab program for you. Fellowship and cooperation distinguish our alcohol and drug rehab for men 18 and older. Group therapy and shared recreational activities promote a sense of community while preparing our clients to live and thrive in sobriety.

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