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At 10 Acre Ranch, we’ve seen firsthand how having an attitude of gratitude can help make recovery easier and relapse less likely. Learning to be grateful for the gifts you have been given can help increase your self-esteem, boost your outlook and remind you why you are working so hard for a sober life. Indeed, studies have found a slew of health benefits linked to gratitude, including:

  • Less anxiety and depression
  • Enhanced sleep
  • Improved self-care
  • Fewer toxic emotions, like anger, resentment or regret
  • More resilience
  • Stronger willpower
  • Better relationships
  • Greater ability to handle trauma

Cultivating Gratitude With Recovery Activities
It’s not always easy to have gratitude – but luckily it’s a recovery skill that can be learned. It just may take a little practice and persistence. At 10 Acre Ranch, our clients participate in numerous activities designed to show you that there’s a full life beyond addiction – and that’s definitely something to be thankful for.

  • Gratitude lists: Writing down the people or things for which you are thankful is a great activity to help you stay focused on your recovery.
  • Nature walks. Taking the time to appreciate the beauty of nature can help decrease depression and improve your well-being.
  • Meditation. This can be the perfect time to give thanks for all of the small gifts in life. You may even want to refer to your gratitude list.
  • 12-step meetings: “Have an attitude of gratitude” is a common recovery slogan within the 12-step model and one that can help you prevent relapse.

More About Our Recovery Activity Options
At 10 Acre Ranch, we provide a range of recovery strategies designed to appeal to many different male personality types. Contact us to learn more about our offerings and how they can help teach you or someone you love to become empowered, self-sufficient, self-aware and grateful for a chance at a sober life. Call today: 877-228-4679.

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