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The Social Model of Addiction Treatment

We wanted to provide a visual representation of why the social model is so effective in the treatment of addiction.

This graphic illustrates some of the important differences between the isolated life of the continuing user compared to the strength that comes from being part of a recovery community.

10-Acre Ranch is well known for creating a setting and process that embodies all of the strengths of the social model. We have been using this model to help men recover for over 25 years.

Consider the fact that our center employs a 4 to 1 ratio of clinical staff to men in treatment, and many in our staff have had their lives touched by addiction themselves. This makes the “family-like” environment an extremely supportive example of the social model.

Support & Accountability in the Recovery Community

Those who seek treatment have inevitably had moments of clarity during which they attempted to quit using on their own (or at least tapering down use), only to relapse and quickly return to the existing pattern of drug use.

One key contrast between the life of an active drug user and someone who is in a social model treatment center is that while using, stress overwhelms & causes “shutdown” (and then relapse). In contrast, during the social model treatment process, the participant will be continually checking in with his recovering peers and facilitators during group counseling sessions and 12-Step meetings.

Not only does the frequent interaction provide the support of the others who are facing similar challenges, there will be numerous people who will act as ‘lifelines’ that the recovering man can call upon in the face of the temptation to relapse. The man’s counselor and sponsor are 2 examples of people whom he can depend upon during and after treatment. The mans’ support team will be aware of his current situation and his state of mind due to the frequent contact, and members of the man’s support team can provide guidance, advice, and suggest alternative actions to relapsing.

Additionally, there will be a sense of accountability the man will feel towards his supporters who have invested themselves in his recovery, and he will not want to disappoint them by failing his next drug test or being conspicuously absent from scheduled activities.

Contact 10 Acre Ranch for “Real Recovery”

10 Acre Ranch has been treating men who thought they had lost all hope for over 25 years. We provide men the tools to achieve recovery that lasts. From the moment the man arrives at our residential treatment center, he will start building the self-esteem that comes from achieving many consecutive days of sobriety and which will allow him to look himself in the eye and like what he sees.  For our clients who are from and remain in the Riverside area, there is a vibrant community of 10 Acre Ranch alumni who take part in regular support groups and activities like weekly softball games.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a chemical dependency then call us today at 1-877-228-4679. We can provide a confidential assessment of the situation and can also verify insurance benefits and start the process of admitting to treatment at 10 Acre Ranch. Tap into the power of the social model of recovery today by calling 10 Acre Ranch.

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