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Discovering a hobby can be an important part of your new sober lifestyle. In fact, the right hobby will not only help you occupy your time but it can make you less stressed and more focused. It will also help boost your confidence, creativity and overall happiness. But what if you don’t have a particular passion as an adult? Where do you start?

Ask yourself these questions:

What did I enjoy as a kid? Chances are you still have the same if not similar interests – for example, if you loved climbing trees than rock climbing may be your thing.

What would help me unwind and distress? The right hobby shouldn’t be something that just occupies your time – it should give you a sense of me-time and make you forget the worries of your day.

What types of purchases make me happy? For example, are you always searching for the right wall art? Why not test your hand at photography or painting? Or maybe you love used books? Writing may be the answer.

How do you want to better yourself? A hobby can help you meet personal goals, whether you want to learn a new language or run a marathon one day.

What were my past hobbies? You may have had a hobby prior to your addiction and simply forgot about it. Think back about any DYI projects you used to love to do and you may rediscover an old passion.

What captures my attention? Start to take notice of the things and activities that appeal most to you – whether you find yourself drawn to cooking shows, golf games, music or something else.

10 Acre Ranch Recreational Activities for Men
For individuals who have abused their body with drugs and alcohol, healthy recreation is often a distant thought. The 10 Acre Ranch residential program exposes clients to therapeutic activities during treatment and encourages them to carry these lifestyle changes into post-rehab. To learn more, call today: 877-228-4679.

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