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Alcoholism Treatment

Providing Expert Alcohol Treatment in California at 10 Acre Ranch.

The use of alcohol is on the rise, especially amongst young people. It is taken lightly by many because it is legal. Further, the consumption of alcohol is “socially acceptable” in popular media, which has given rise to the frequent notion that it is not as dangerous as illegal drugs. Factually, alcohol is one of the oldest and most dangerous drugs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

People drink alcohol because they like the effects produced by the drug. The person who becomes alcoholic and dependent on alcohol, finds that it makes some life situations easier to cope with. It may give them the confidence they have been searching for, or a sense of ease and comfort, in a normally uncomfortable situation. With this dysfunctional coping mechanism, they continue to partake in alcohol consumption and after a brief time, discover that it takes more and more alcohol to achieve the results they seek, this is the phenomenon of “tolerance.”

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The Physical & Psychological Effects of Alcohol Abuse

When someone abusing alcohol attempts to stop drinking after a period they often experience some physical symptoms such as trembling, nausea or even overwhelming fear. These symptoms and others indicate that they have developed a dependence on alcohol. They may briefly stop drinking for some serious reason or “wake-up call” in their life that was a direct result of their alcohol consumption, and the few who can quit are considered “problem drinkers.”

Those that continue attempting to control their alcohol use despite the continuation of problems from alcohol abuse that they blame on everything else in their life EXCEPT alcohol (this is called denial), are most likely going to be diagnosed as an alcoholic one day. A description of alcoholism is the inability to stop drinking, or cut down on drinking, despite negative consequences (loss of job or loved ones, arrest, DUIs). At this point alcohol will be the number one priority in their life. They may start hiding how much or how often they drink. When the person tries to quit they often experience withdrawal and require alcohol detox. Withdrawal from alcohol can be dangerous, sometimes involving DT’s (delirium tremors), seizures, even coma and death. Becoming shaky, sweating, and flushed are frequent side effects.

10 Acre Ranch is Here to Help You Quit Drinking at Our Alcohol Treatment Programs in Southern California

Entering treatment for alcohol addiction requires that the client first be medically stable and detoxified. After this process, we address the addiction with an eclectic program. At our Riverside campus, clients experience an intimate treatment setting. We provide a minimum of two one hour private counseling sessions per week for each client. Everyone attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings six nights a week, in addition to the educational classes, group therapy, process groups, relapse prevention, and other groups designed to assist and prepare the alcoholic in coping to life without alcohol while in treatment and after they leave 10 Acre Ranch and start to re-navigate life

10 Acre Ranch offers help and a lifeline for those who seek treatment for alcoholism. The natural beauty of our secluded location along with frequent interaction with counselors and other recovering individuals in our “social model” treatment program can do a lot to help rebuild a lost spiritual connection, or start a new one. We also provide a delicious, nutritious, healthy diet and a physical recreation program to help rebuild the physical damage that results from alcohol addiction.

Our program is fully licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services to provide residential treatment for alcohol addiction. To learn more about drug rehabilitation, or to discuss drug rehab for yourself or a loved one, call 877-228-4679 or fill out our confidential contact form.