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Recovery that works.

Recovery that works.

After treatment 96% of our clients say that they are highly optimistic about their future.

After treatment 96% of our clients say that they are highly optimistic about their future.

Southern California Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Let 10 Acre Ranch Guide You on the Path of Recovery

For over 25 years we have been showing men & women a new way of life through effective drug rehab in Southern California using many forms of drug & alcohol treatment. Thousands of people who had lost all hope arrived at 10 Acre and were given the tools of recovery they needed to get sober and stay that way. We offer the entire continuum of addiction treatment – from the initial alcohol or drug detox.

BLU Private Cottages

Individual Rooms, Tranquil Environment

10 Acre Ranch features the newly renovated BLU Private Cottages. Like your own private recovery home, each cottage features individual bedrooms, a comfortable living room, and a cozy kitchen. Recover today in a serene and private environment.

BLU Private Cottages Exterior

BLU Private Cottages Interior

Our Mission

Our Mission is to rebuild lives, restore families and improve communities. This is accomplished by providing quality, individualized comprehensive treatment for those experiencing problems with alcohol, drugs and associated mental illnesses. We are committed to excellence in the delivery of care and services to our clients and their families.

Real Recovery

Tailored to the needs of individuals 18 and over, our programming emphasizes learning through experience. It’s a complete change for our client to be shown a design for living in recovery that empowers the individual and boosts his or her self-esteem.

We care about your recovery

Our expert & caring staff on site are available 24/7. Call us today.



10 Acre Ranch has premium facilities in Southern California that can help you recover.
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Helping those addicted, recover from drug and alcohol in Riverside, CA.
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For loved one

Good News! There is a well-worn path to getting help for your loved one. Let's Help Your Loved-One Recover.
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What Do You Want To Know?

10 Acre Ranch Works with Most Major Insurance Carriers. Our insurance specialists at 10 Acre Ranch will work with you to assure that treatment costs covered by insurance are maximized, while out of pocket costs are minimized as much as possible.

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We Accept You & Your Pets at 10 Acre Ranch. Companionship with your pet can help you get through periods of anxiety, stress, and depression. These are typical concerns that individuals in their early stages of recovery are faced with.

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We offer a safe and comfortable Detoxification. 

Detoxification is under the supervision of a medical doctor and monitoring is provided by a nurse, licensed in the state of California, as well as certified support staff. Detoxification takes place on the 10 Acre Ranch campus. During the process, the client will have contact with the 10 Acre Ranch staff, to handle any outstanding items or issues. After the client completes the detox process, the treatment process will commence.

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We are located at 8605 Janet Ave Riverside CA 92503.

people in recovery enjoying outdoor activity, nature adventure

We Offer Expert Therapies to Treat Substance Abuse.

10 Acre Ranch programs provide clients with the support they need to achieve and maintain sobriety and adopt a healthy, productive lifestyle. Tailored to the needs of people 18 and over, our programming emphasizes learning through experience. Most therapy takes place in a group environment where clients have the opportunity to connect with one another, enjoy fellowship, and find their “new normal” without drugs and alcohol.

10 Acre Ranch has chosen to use a social model of addiction recovery because we believe it is important to break addicts out of a destructive isolation cycle. Learning to support others, prepare meals together, and engage in leisure activities is a therapeutic experience. When paired with group and individual therapy sessions and disease education, our program optimizes a client’s chance of recovery success.

Addiction Treatment Team

Pet Friendly

Our Pet Friendly Rehab allows clients to bring their pet to addiction treatment. Pets provide the comfort, companionship, and unconditional love many clients need to recover from addiction and mental health problems. Don’t leave your best friend behind!

Traditional Track

By combining a serene and inspiring setting with a staff of highly motivated clinicians, 10 Acre Ranch has become a landmark in the recovery community. We are known for showing men & women what “real recovery” is, a way of life that is more empowering than they ever thought possible.