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Month: September 2016

photo of two men talking in the cafeteria Improving Communication Skills

Addiction Recovery: 3 Strategies for Improving Communication Skills

Drug and alcohol rehab programs are designed to heal the addict – mentally, physically and spiritually – freeing them from a life controlled by the
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photo of a man writing on a paper creating financial plan

Taking Control of Your Financial Health During Addiction Recovery

Addiction takes a toll on virtually every part of the addict’s life – often contributing to behavioral health issues like depression and anxiety, physical problems
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photo of a young man's hand holding some playing cards at the casino

Gambling Addictions: Is Your College Student at Risk?

Sometimes the warning signs of addiction are obvious. If a heroin user overdoses or an alcoholic gets arrested for drunk driving, you know that they
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photo of people gathered together in the hill during an event

Curbing Social Anxiety to Avoid Addiction or Relapse

Have you ever walked into a room with a large group of people and felt anxious? Do you decline invitations to parties and work conferences
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