Practicing Yoga at 10 Acre Ranch, Southern California

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The social treatment model at 10 Acre Ranch encourages men to participate in daily activities that promote healthy living and mental clarity. Yoga provides both physical exercise and the mental benefits of meditation and mindfulness. As a lifelong practice, yoga is a valuable recovery tool ideal for all ages and skill levels.

At 10 Acre, we provide twice weekly yoga classes that adapt instruction to participating individuals. Though many of our residents had never considered yoga before arriving at the Ranch, they find satisfaction in the improved physical and mental balance and strength that result from this new practice.

Value of Yoga in Recovery

Every moment we have is a moment to hit the restart button. Rehab is an opportunity to reset your life and learn skills and tools that allow you to pursue meaning in sobriety. Yoga is a multifaceted activity that fits well into that new life: improving health, cultivating gratitude and enhancing self-awareness.

Physical Benefits of Yoga

The relaxation techniques called upon in yoga can alleviate pain and lower blood pressure, as well as offering:

  • Elevated strength, balance & flexibility
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Ability to regulate breathing
  • Stress & anxiety reduction
  • Improved sleep habits



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Mental Benefits

According to the American Psychological Association, yoga is proven to have a positive impact on mental health. Advantages may include:

  • Elevated sense of well-being
  • Greater ability to concentrate
  • Improved outlook on life
  • Ability to minimize mood swings
  • Increased mindfulness
  • Sense of connectedness or spirituality
  • Inner peace

Meditation, Yoga & The 12-Steps

Meditation and mindfulness are essential to self-discovery and self-regulation. Your yoga and breath practice work together with these disciplines to help you take conscious control of your life and improve the chance of lasting recovery. By connecting with your subconscious, you will begin to recognize cravings, triggers and irrational thoughts before they threaten recovery.

Yoga is also a healthy outlet when anger, depression, sleeplessness and boredom threaten to derail sobriety. Mind-body exercise complements 12-step programs, which also emphasize meditation, health, self-awareness and spirituality. Yoga classes are also easily accessible and provide an opportunity to enjoy the company of sober companions.

Addiction Treatment in Southern California

For 25 years, 10 Acre Ranch has successfully guided men from addiction to recovery through evidence-based treatment and disease education. Our model for social recovery helps clients overcome the isolation of chemical dependency and lights the path to healing and sober fulfillment.

To learn more about integrated treatment and recreational activities or request payment options for your rehab stay, contact an intake specialist today: 1 (877) 228-4676.

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