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Intensive Outpatient Program

Outpatient Treatment is Often Overlooked.

All of the medical research that is being done on addiction and recovery has indicated that longer term treatment is correlated with longer term sobriety after treatment. The ability of a man to “step down” from a residential program into an outpatient treatment program will bridge the gap between treatment and a return home.

It is recommended that after a primary residential treatment program like the one offered at 10 Acre Ranch, the man attends outpatient treatment while living in a sober living environment for a period of time before he returns home. Occasionally, someone who has not been to residential treatment enters outpatient for a less acute addiction. Sometimes, someone who has been to residential treatment in the past but more recently has experienced a relapse may choose to attend outpatient treatment.

10 Acre Ranch offers high-quality intensive outpatient treatment programs in Riverside, CA. IOPs are designed for individuals who are preparing to re-enter employment, family life, school, and other responsibilities. Typically, 10 Acre Ranch IOP clients have achieved success in a residential treatment program and have learned to identify and manage problematic triggers. Outpatient treatment gives them the continued opportunity to set goals, work on problem areas, and reduce the chances of short or long-term relapse.

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The Goals & Benefits of Attending an IOP

While outpatient programs are a step down in the level of monitoring and amount of therapeutic activities, the recovery principles are all the same as the ones taught in 10Acre Ranch’s residential treatment plans.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (also known as IOPs) give clients the opportunity to immerse themselves in our social learning model and work alongside other men to solidify their sober-living skills, manage stress, and develop healthy personal and social relationships.

Additional benefits of our IOP include:

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Private insurance often covers outpatient treatment programs, and 10 Acre Ranch intake specialists help you contact insurance providers or secure an affordable self-pay plan. Finances should never be a barrier to addiction treatment, and you’ll find our recovery programs among the most accessible in the Southern California region. To get more information for yourself or someone you care about, call 1-877-228-4679 or submit an online request.