Sacred Grounds: Native American Addiction Treatment in Riverside, California

Sacred Grounds


Native American Addiction Treatment in Riverside, California

Culturally-Sensitive, Individualized Treatment Programs for Native Americans & Alaskan Natives 

At 10 Acre Ranch, our goal is to provide our clients with the opportunity to transform their lives for the better. We are pleased that we can now accomplish this with our comprehensive, individualized addiction treatment programs for Native Americans. We believe that each and every one of our clients is so much more than just someone who is an addict. Every person has unique circumstances and needs when they arrive at our Riverside, California addiction treatment center. The alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs at 10 Acre Ranch are designed with the right amount of flexibility and sensibility. This helps us address each client’s own personal requirements towards achieving their successful recovery from addiction. We are pleased to offer each and every one of our clients a specific, culturally-sensitive treatment plan, formulated to address the unique needs of people, from all walks of life.

According to most recent census data, California is home to more people of Native American/ Alaska Native heritage than any other state in the Country.  There are currently 109 federally recognized Indian tribes in California and 78 entities petitioning for recognition.”The Judicial Branch of California

With our close proximity to so many different Native American cultures, we strive to supply effective, evidence-based addiction treatment programs that encompass the spirit, traditions and practices of their rich ancestral heritage. Whether or not you are of Native American heritage, you could potentially benefit from the spiritual connections and practices of traditional Native American interventions in your treatment for substance abuse. With these cultural sensitivities in mind, we can supplement our traditional addiction treatment programs with the innate, spiritual guidance and wisdom from the Native American teachings.


10 Acre Ranch has created the Sacred Grounds Program, to offer effective addiction treatment for the Native American & Alaskan Native community.

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The use of intoxicating substances is nothing new in the history of humankind. Our ancestors sought out inebriation with natural and fermented plants, pretty much since the beginning of recorded history. Alcohol has been the most persistently-abused substance throughout much of that history. In native cultures across the Americas, a variety of alcoholic beverages were available and used by many in the different tribes.

The availability of intoxicating substances eventually led many of these Native American tribes to begin addressing the issues of alcoholism and substance abuse within their own societies. This began somewhere around the 1750’s, when tribe leaders instituted their own approach to abstinence-based sobriety. “Sobriety circles” were formed by tribal leaders who had overcome their own struggles with alcohol. The belief that overcoming a debilitating illness was the sign of a healer, opened up the opportunity for these leaders to become healers and greatly helped the members of the tribe who were also struggling. These healers taught abstinence from intoxicants, with a return to their traditional ancestral values.

The teachings of sobriety circles helped pave the way for the 12-step programs we see today. In fact, the circle logo for Alcoholic’s Anonymous is partially a reference to the Native American sobriety circles. The idea of sharing one’s experience with others who are battling the same “bad spirits” is entirely rooted in the Native American tradition of sobriety circles. This is all based on a connection to your community, your tribe, the earth and your creator. These concepts are prevalent within virtually every alcohol and drug rehabilitation program in the world.

At 10 Acre Ranch, we employ a ‘social model’ of recovery from addiction. We understand that recovery is not just a solo effort. Your success in sobriety is greatly enhanced with components of family and community support. Throughout the course of an addiction, people can lose sight of what’s innately important to them. While their thoughts become more and more consumed with getting drunk or high, people tend to forget about their incredible families and their community, the people who genuinely care about them and their livelihood. Much like 12-step programs suggest you surrender to your “higher power,” native cultures understood this was partially a result of the disconnection between themselves and the teachings of their ancestral heritage.

    The teachings of Sacred Grounds, sobriety circles and 12-step program recovery.

    The Sacred Grounds addiction treatment program teaches you how to be sober and how to be well. The “well” part means to go beyond sobriety and recovery from addiction. The addiction treatment programs at 10 Acre Ranch encourages our patients to pursue a lifestyle of healing and overall wellness. This healing takes place through Sacred Grounds’ application of spiritual and cultural knowledge. Much like the sobriety circles of our ancestors, 12 step programs have a lot in common with each other. These two concepts are seamlessly integrated within the social model of addiction treatment.



      “Did you know, the US Government and it’s States provided alcohol to Native Americans as a way to destroy their culture and get them addicted. The US knew what they were doing when they provided this substance to Native people in their weekly rations they were given. And why were they on rations? Because the United States killed their food source (Buffalo) and corralled the Native people onto reservations with scarce food and water.” –’Native Strong’ Facebook post, July, 18th, 2019

      "Time and again our Elders have said that the 12 Steps of AA are just the same as the principles that our ancestors lived by, with only one change. When we place the 12 Steps in a circle then they come into alignment with the circle teachings that we know from many of our tribal ways. When we think of them in a circle and use them a little differently, then the words will be more familiar to us.”

      Recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol in the Native American community is best when built upon a framework of understanding our natural, spiritual interconnectedness to the earth and to each other. All aspects of our lives are interconnected.  You have make the decision to turn your life around and give yourself to your creator. Everything else after that point will fall into place, as it allows your thinking to guide your journey in becoming the person you want to be. Becoming sober and being well will also impact your surroundings in a profound way. Your personal growth will spill-over into your family relationships, which will spill out into your community and the world as a whole. Our Sacred Grounds program teaches that only you can do it, and you can only accomplish this when you make the conscious decision to do it.

      10 Acre Ranch has partnered up with native elders to bring the Sacred Grounds program to our Southern California alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility. The teachings of this program will be an excellent addition to our social model of addiction recovery. Sacred Grounds is healing that is culturally-specific to the Native American population, but all types of people may benefit from their teachings.

      If you need help with an addiction and the Sacred Grounds program seems like it may benefit you, please contact us for more information. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year to take your call.

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