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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy At 10 Acre Ranch

Choosing the right treatment is essential to proper rehabilitation 

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy used to change addictive patterns of thinking. It is based upon the idea that behaviors can be learned and unlearned. CBT is most widely known for its use in the treatment of cocaine abuse, but it has also been used to treat alcoholism and other forms of drug addiction, especially as part of an overall recovery program, according to The National Institute on Drug Abuse.

When drugs and alcohol become a habitual way of improving self-esteem and dealing with daily challenges and stressors, for example, CBT works to undo this destructive perception of reality. CBT is compatible with a range of other forms of addiction treatment and can be readily adapted for both individual and group therapy.

Benefits of CBT for Addiction Recovery

Many individuals turn to drugs, alcohol or other addictive substances or behaviors to ease their emotional and psychological pain and cope with interpersonal and intrapersonal problems. Cognitive behavioral therapy groups at 10 Acre Ranch help clients get “unstuck” from this unhealthy pattern by using healthy strategies.

Other benefits of cognitive behavior therapy groups include:

    • Learning to identify any feelings, thoughts and circumstances that lead to substance abuse
    • Replacing destructive thought patterns with healthier ways of thinking
    • Using practical strategies to handle work, family, and everyday stressors
    • Developing coping strategies for cravings and high-risk situations
    • Recognizing and managing triggers to avoid relapse
    • Addressing addictive behaviors alongside co-occurring disorders

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          CBT is a very popular treatment approach for both substance abuse disorder and mental illness. Let us help you or someone you love change those negative and unproductive thoughts and behaviors that can lead to addictive tendencies. To learn more, you can reach a 10 Acre Ranch treatment specialist at 877-228-4679 or fill out our brief online form. Our facility is one of the most affordable rehab options in California and the United States. Call today!

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