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When you're undergoing treatment for an addiction, community and support means everything

Our addiction treatment center is a serene escape from the pressures of everyday life and a place where you will be protected from many of the triggers that contribute to your drug or alcohol use. Our family-like atmosphere and experienced counselors (many of whom are in recovery themselves) will provide the help and support you need to achieve and maintain sobriety. If you are suffering from an addiction, call us at 888-228-4679 to begin your recovery today.

If you can quit for a day, you can quit for a lifetime.
Benjamin Saenz

When you arrive at 10 Acre Ranch, you will be enrolled in a recovery program that will grant you the tools, knowledge and strength to quit using drugs. We will take care of your food, lodging and daily schedule of activities; you need only to follow one simple instruction after another.

Trying to Quit on Your Own

The individual who comes here for help with a chemical dependency usually feels helpless, because he wanted, more than anything, to quit using on his own.

Typically, he or she has managed to quit for a period of time. Maybe the have been to treatment in the past.

But the days, weeks, months, or even years of sobriety he has achieved can be wiped away when the stresses of life cause the cravings to surge and he succumbs to a relapse. Often, he finds himself stranded, once again, in the depths of active drug use.

Addressing Lead Causes of Addiction

Stopping the intake of drugs or alcohol is obviously critical for recovery, but, in order to achieve long-term sobriety, it is important to uncover and address the underlying issues contributing to the drug abuse.

There are many factors that go into a chemical dependency. Some factors are genetic, some are environmental. At 10-Acre Ranch, our clinicians have experience unraveling the various factors that contribute to a person’s addictive behaviors by analyzing many things, including:

  • History of drug use
  • Family history
  • Social history
  • Medical history
  • History of addiction treatment (if applicable)
  • Psychological history

Getting Over The Guilt

There is a saying in the rooms of addiction recovery: “Addiction is the only disease that you will get yelled at for having.”

As part of their treatment, the clients at 10-Acre Ranch learn about the Disease Model of Addiction. Understanding the mental and physical components of addiction, in combination with our comprehensive assessment and counseling sessions, results in self-discovery that liberates the person from the shame they previously felt for their behavior. This newfound freedom is bolstered by amends the person makes as part of the program to those that he or she has hurt.

Managing Cravings for the Long-Term

It is not rare to hear someone share in a group counseling session or 12-Step meeting that it is easy to stay sober in a treatment center (compared to the period after treatment ends). It is understandable why many feel this way, because while in treatment:

  • There is regular drug testing
  • Living quarters are monitored
  • The recovering person is surrounded by others in treatment
  • A “pink cloud” of enthusiasm and momentum is often experienced during early recovery

Addiction Relapse Prevention

There will be challenges as you re-enter the workforce and gradually move back into a non-treatment environment. Working with our counselors to understand your own drug use and triggers will prepare you to recognize warning signs you are experiencing stressors which require action. Participating in extensive relapse prevention education and planning will teach you strategies to address and cope with life’s challenges.

12-Step Community Support

Another helpful tool to cope with the cravings is the 12-Step Community. At 10 Acre Ranch, you will participate in 12-Step meetings, both onsite and out in the community. Through this exposure, you will meet others who are in recovery, including someone who will act as your sponsor. Sponsors are fellow clients in recovery who have achieved and maintained their sobriety. They provide a sympathetic ear and supportive advice when things get rough. Treatment lasts anywhere from one to twelve months, but a good sponsor-sponseree relationship can last a lifetime.

We Can Help with Your Recovery Right Now

If you are reading this it is likely you are aware there is a problem that will not go away by itself. Addiction is an insidious killer, and its destruction knows no bounds. However, recognizing that there is a problem indicates that recovery is much more likely because you have had the epiphany many perish without ever experiencing – that you need to make changes in your life and require professional help to establish long-term sobriety.

If you are willing to accept the help of our clinical team, then we can help you. Things are going to get better from the very minute you make the call to our center. We provide guidance and instruction every step of the way, from deciding upon the appropriate treatment, given your situation, and arranging travel to get that treatment. Don’t suffer alone anymore when the answer is a phone call away. Call us at 877-228-4679.



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