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Life Stories at 10 Acre Ranch, Southern California

Choosing the right treatment is essential to proper rehabilitation 

Life story groups are a proven part of 10 Acre Ranch’s group therapy approach. Life story therapy gives residents and outpatients an opportunity to explore and understand the pain of their past, the factors that influenced their addiction, and the impact of chemical dependency on themselves and others. Life stories empower addicted individuals to move past trauma and loss and begin to replace destructive behaviors with productive ones.

The Life Story Process

The pain of addiction is demoralizing and becomes a haunting burden when left unaddressed. During life story groups, participants author their journey with drugs and alcohol and identify its historical significance. Once the past is addressed, healing can begin. Life stories are shared with therapy groups in order to take the power out of a painful narrative. This process also allows peers to identify with the experience and support the storyteller. By sharing difficult life experiences, the group connects on a deeper level and rallies behind one another during the group therapy process.


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        Advantages of Life Story Therapy

        It is common for addicted individuals to bury the past and become angry about their chemical dependency. During life story therapy, 10 Acre Ranch residents work to reveal deep feelings and memories in the form of an autobiography. Benefits of life story groups include:

        • Self-evaluation & identification of deep-rooted feelings
        • Ability to recognize the healing power of truth
        • Psychological & physical healing for the writer
        • Reaffirmation of values & belief systems
        • Ability to find peace & hope in the addiction journey
        • Positive impact upon peers

          Group Addiction Rehabilitation for Men

          Facing the past is one of the most important steps on the journey to sobriety. Our Southern California rehab facility provides life story therapy and other group therapy techniques that help addicts confront the history behind their chemical dependency. 10 Acre Ranch offers a social model program that is affordable and effective for men ages 18 and over. The friendships and support systems forged through life groups and other therapy opportunities carry into aftercare and beyond. To learn more about the life story process or inquire about addiction recovery for a friend or loved one, contact an intake specialist or fill out our online inquiry form. A member of the 10 Acres Ranch team will be in touch shortly.

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