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Month: October 2021

Photo of employees working at a workplace

Is Addiction Affecting Your Job Performance?

If you’re struggling with drugs or alcohol, you’re likely wondering how that impacts the rest of your life.
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photo of a thoughtful woman thinking about sobriety

Does Sobriety have to be Boring?

If you’re getting sober for the first time, the first thing that might strike you is just how much time you have. The more you drink, the less time you have and the less memory you have of that time.
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photo of a mother and daughter, outdoor concept

Are my Parents Responsible for My Addiction?

Whatever your age, if you’re asking, “Are my parents responsible for my addiction”, the short answer is “No”.
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photo of a sad young woman thinking of relationships problems sitting on sofa with offended husband

Setting Healthy Boundaries with an Addict

If your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they will make life harder for you. Addiction changes who people are, how they act, and what their priorities are.
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