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Month: November 2017

Depressed cheerless boy sitting in the chair with professional psychologist working in the background with people during psychological recovery group therapy session

Men and Anxiety Disorder

Addiction and anxiety disorders often go hand in hand – and this goes for men, too. Although many men suffer from anxiety, they often suffer
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Cheerful group of people with sparkles together celebrating New Year eve

Recovery Fellowship During Thanksgiving

All of us at 10 Acre Ranch would like to wish everyone in recovery a safe and sober Thanksgiving. With less than 24 hours to
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Methamphetamine also known as crystal meth

Methamphetamine Use Linked to Heart Failure

Methamphetamine is nasty stuff that can cause serious harm to one’s mind and body. Despite being heavily abused and highly addictive, we don’t hear much
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photo of a grateful and thoughtful woman holding coffee mug while looking through window in cafe

3 Ways Gratitude Can Help Your Recovery

For those of us on the path to sobriety, there are millions of reasons to have gratitude. And acknowledging them all – no matter how
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Alcohol Use Linked to Cancer

At 10 Acre Ranch, we treat alcohol and substance use disorder 365-days a year. We see the havoc that substance use and abuse wreaks on
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Full length of young beautiful woman in sportswear doing plank for strength training during recovery

Benefits of Strength Training During Recovery

It’s not news that exercise is great for your health and recovery – but if cardio is all you’re doing, you might want to add some
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Young couple drinking in bar with alcoholism problem

Alcoholism and Type 2 Diabetes

It’s National Diabetes Month, held each November to raise awareness about diabetes and its impact on millions of Americans. In honor of this month, and
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man lying in bed hospitalized because of drug overdose

Addiction Treatment After Overdose

It’s difficult for some people to grasp the driving forces of addiction. Upon hearing of someone’s overdose, one might think that an event like that
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