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Month: August 2017

Addiction, Mental Illness and Cigarettes photo of a man smoking in a dark room

Addiction, Mental Illness and Cigarettes

Back in May you might remember an article we wrote about the dangers of smoking cigarettes in addiction recovery. Specifically having to do with the
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a photo of a man with eating disorder eating hamburger and fries

Rise in Men with Eating Disorders

The number of adult men being admitted to the hospital with an eating disorder has risen by 70 percent over the past six years, according
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a photo of a beautiful lady thinking about choosing a sponsor for her loved-one's long term sobriety

Tips for Choosing a Sponsor

Finding the right sponsor is critical for your continuing sobriety and, for many, it’s one of the most important relationships ever made in recovery. This
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heroin vaccine spoon and syringe

Addiction Treatment Recovery Vaccine

At the beginning of the summer we discussed a topic of the utmost importance regarding addiction. A vaccine for heroin and other opioids. A drug
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photo of a homeless man

Addiction and Mental Illness Help for the Homeless

There is no telling where substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders will take you. In most cases, nowhere that would be considered ideal. People
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a photo of a lady with marijuana addiction smoking pot

Study: Smoking Pot Hurts Your Heart

We already know that marijuana can be addictive — about nine percent of  those who smoke pot will become addicted, according to the National Institute
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beautiful lady self-medicating toward addiction

Self-Medicating Toward Addiction

Regarding mental illness, when it rains it pours. At least that is often the reality in the field of addiction medicine. To be clear, addiction
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photo of a man meditating on top of a mountain

4 Common Meditation Mistakes

By now, you know that meditation is important for achieving and maintaining lasting recovery and finding joy in a life without drugs or alcohol. To
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