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Month: October 2016


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Doing Your Homework

The only thing that is certain in life – is the uncertainty of life. That’s why you need to be prepared to handle the good
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4 “Go-To” Stress Management Strategies That Really Work

Sometimes “life” happens. Things like excruciatingly slow traffic during rush hour, disagreements with your significant other about finances, long lines at airport security and, well,
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4 Good Reasons Why Dogs Are Great for Your Holistic Health

They call them man’s best friend for good reason. Dogs can offer unconditional love, great companionship and are always up for having a good time.
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man writing in a gratitude journal

Battling Addiction…with Gratitude?

If you’re grappling with addiction and searching for the path to recovery, you’ve likely researched the advanced treatments available today – things like cognitive behavioral
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